Modular, wireless, ambient lighting system that reacts to video.

Seamless is a Video-based ambient lighting system built with Arduino and Processing.

For my Matura (Finals) project in 2017, I wanted to build a full product idea with a working prototype from the ground up.

Spot ambient lighting concept

There are many "Ambilight"-style setups already commonly available to add some ambient effects to your TV. However, I always felt that because of the lights being mounted immediately behind the screen, they cause more distraction than an immersive effect. So I took inspiration from surround sound systems and came up with an ambient lighting system based around four battery-powered, wireless spotlights which are placed around the room.

The final lamp design.

The lamp is built with a wooden base and a fully articulated shade from an IKEA lamp.

The receiver (spotlight) devices are built around the Adafruit Pro Trinket and communicate using a Nordic NRF24L01 2.4Ghz Transceiver. Each lamp has 8 individually controllable ws2812 addressable LEDs for illumination.

The sender PC runs a processing script which collects screenshots, analyzes them for colors, and sends them through an Arduino to the network. The colors are split into 4 pre-defined zones (front right, front left, rear right, rear left) and broadcast to the lamps. The zone for each lamp can be selected by pressing a button in the base.

The Project has been featured in the national competition of Swiss Youth in Science (Schweizer Jugend Forscht) and was honored as "Very Good"

You can find the full Arduino and Processing code on GitHub.

Download the full project documentation (German PDF) here.

Download the summary from SJF (German PDF) here.